UPDATE – After 4 months . .

I lost all of my previous notes from the check-ins after week 8 . . so stand by while I get those at my next visit. Then I can clear up what has happened over the past 2 months.  I think I’ve only been to 2 weigh-ins . . and it’s not because I’ve given up, it’s because I’ve slowed down on the program and began to add my own foods.

I should say that I am never really EXCLUSIVELY without Ideal Protein. I still have a shake a day, or a soup a day. At one of my check-ins, I saw 150, which was nice.  My home scale these days says 147.  I’m very very comfortable where I am. What’s funny is that I am still losing inches.  Pants that I haven’t worn in YEARS, I am able to fit in. There was a time I could zip or button them, and that was pretty exciting, but now I have room left over. It’s remarkable.

When I do eat my own foods, I am more aware of how to prepare the meal, and more conscience of what I am getting – being sure to remain healthy. Lean meats and veggies are a huge part of my daily intake. I still don’t use sugar, but then again, I haven’t for over 10 years, so that’s no loss. I’ve never been big on soda or sweets, so I have a leg up in keeping this weight off.

I’ll go for a check-in soon, and am STILL wanting to get to the gym – I just really don’t have time. I’m told to make time, but that is impossible with my schedule. I’ve done little things . . like, I walk around with 2lb weights in each hand, I use an exercise ball and just bounce around, I go back and forth between studios all day . . so, I am getting some exercise.

Oh, and you wouldn’t believe the guns I have!


Week 8 – Weigh-in

WOW! A huge weight loss in the past week.

I weighed in at 153.0

That’s the most I’ve lost in a week. I’ll bet it had to do with splitting my protein, adding a bit more protein, and just being as insane as I usually am plus 5.

Inches lost this week, .5

This brings my totals to . . 27 POUNDS and 21.25 INCHES

I mentioned shifting my focus.  To be at 25% body fat, I’d need to weigh 149 pounds, and I’m only 3 pounds away now. But I’ve changed my goal to 21-22%, which would put me at 142 pounds (roughly). So, I will need to lose 11 more pounds (roughly).

Then — I’m on my way to being a MMA fighter!  Or something . .

I’m shifting my focus

Instead of worrying so much about the actually NUMBER as my goal, I’ve decided to shoot for my ideal body fat percentage.

At my counseling session, Kate let me hold this strange device that “scanned” my body (I’m fairly certain it was reading my thoughts and downloading personal information), which calculated the percentage of body fat – and advised that I am a little hydrated. 😛

At 159 pounds, and 5’7″, my body fat percentage was 29.68. The “ACCEPTABLE” range for a woman is 25-31.99% . . . while the “FITNESS” range is 21-24.99%. While I am in the acceptable range, to have 25% body fat, I would need to weigh 149 pounds. I’m just 10 pounds away from that.

After I complete Phase 1, I plan to start building muscle, tone and be a badass 41 year old mother of 7 boys. (I delivered 5 of them). So THAT, is my real goal.

So – you remember Day 46?

I said bye bye to the 160’s for A DAY! Okay, 2 days . . again on Day 48.  Then, I bounced around 160 for EIGHT FREAKING DAYS! 8! DAYS of wtf exactly is going on here? Seriously! Right up to my next weigh-in and still sitting at 160. (It was 160.2 yesterday ( Tuesday). And I’m sitting here laughing because I have no idea what the scale at Ideal Weight Solutions said. I know I had a 1.2 pound loss for the week.  I was pretty certain I had lost more inches because at this point, clothes just drop right off of me. So for the week . . get this . . 4.25 inches! Good Ness! My totals are now 20.75 inches (I mean, really!!) and 21 pounds.

I love these counseling sessions. Not only because you get that confirmation that yes, you are indeed kicking some serious butt at this weight loss thing . . but because I learn something each time I do.

Crap! I just realized I forgot to watch Halle Berry’s new series, Extant. I’ll have to watch online tomorrow.

So at this weeks counseling session (yesterday), I learned something extremely important. It makes total sense, so it will be easy for you to remember. Sometimes when we get into a routine, we get bored. We just go about our day – day by day. But you feel more invigorated and passionate if there is some challenge in your day. Spice things up a bit. Keep you on your toes. Your body and your organs are kind of the same way, they need a challenge to keep the process of weight loss going, more successfully. It’s good, at times, to switch things up a bit with my eating schedule. Even making a simple change by splitting your dinner protein – meaning, I could have 3 ounces of chicken a few hours before I’d actually eat dinner, and then the rest at dinner – could trip your body up enough to stay alert and prepare for a change. Now, remember, your body is a machine . . so it’s saying, “oh man we better just keep movin!” Kind of like a spin class without the techno music.

Also, there are 2 slip ups for me. 1) Because I am roasting my vegetables more often than not, I am not properly portioning my meals. After roasting, veggies get a whole lot smaller and so you eat more without realizing it. I wasn’t dropping 2 cups of raw veggies into piles on a cookie sheet like we’re backing cookies. So yea, I bet I over ate the veggies. Cauliflower . . roasted . . a whole HEAD of roasted cauliflower goes down wicked easy. And they’re the vegetable that is loaded with carbs. Which leads up to 2) I wasn’t counting my carbs! There are still carbs in everything, Tara, sheesh – even vegetables.   All of the IP food has the nutritional information (there’s a quick guide here: http://bothellchiropractic.com/clients/4668/documents/IP_Nutrition_Information_Revised_5.31.12.pdf)

Just a reminder – there are a few upcoming seminars at different Ideal Weight Solutions locations. I really think you should go, listen, ask questions, re-read my blog, go for it!

St, Johnsbury: 5:30 pm, Thursday, July 10th
South Burlington Office:  5:30 pm, Monday, July 14th
Stowe Office:  5:30 pm, Monday, July 21st

Oh – and when I stepped on the scale this morning : 157. Freakin thing! I never even saw 158! And I’m okay with that!

Week 6 – Weigh-in

On Tuesday morning, I went for my 6 week weigh-in. I lost 2.6 pounds and an incredible 3.5 inches! My total now – 19.8 pounds and 16.5 inches! Those are really big numbers.

BUT I’ve been bouncing around 159 and 160 all this week! I’m terrified about my next weigh-in. I’m happy to see the inches that I’m losing. .  that’s how I know I’m still on the right track. I need my scale to cooperate!

I don’t eat, drink or add anything outside of the protocol, so I’m not worried.

And now back to rearranging and reorganizing the house.

Day 46 – Bye Bye 160s!

I’ve now lost 21 pounds, since starting Ideal Weight Solutions! Wow!

The scale today : 159.6

I still feel amazing – better than I have in years and years. At this point in the program, if you’ve stuck with the protocol and you’re kicking butt, you have learned that you will NEVER want to go back to being unhealthy. I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in over two months, and for the past 46 days, I’ve only given my body the very best. And coffee. 😛

I didn’t go to a weigh-in yesterday (Friday) because it was our company summer bash in the morning, and then I did my Star show live from Morrisville last night. Even being around cocktails and a mass amount of yummy looking food, I drank my water and ate my pre-roasted veggies and enjoyed an ideal chocolate drink. Only one person thought I was ridiculous to bring my lunch to the party and made a couple of comments.

Does it look like I care about anyone else’s negative thoughts?


It’s been 10 years

. . since I had gastric bypass surgery.  It was a very radical procedure 10 years ago, just coming out as the best weight loss tool in history.  There were a bunch of risks, like with any surgery, but I felt I needed to do it. 

At the time of my surgery, June 24, 2004, I weighed 265 pounds. One of my good friends that I worked with was considering the surgery too. I told her to go first, and if she came out alive, I’d do it, too. Needless to say, she came out alive.  

From the time I made the decision to have the surgery, to the time I was in the OR, it was only a few weeks. I received my medical referrals from everyone I needed, my insurance pre-approved the surgery and I never looked back.  I lost a total of 130 pounds – most of that within a year. I felt GREAT . . until many problems and many emergency surgeries .. and ultimately a partial reversal of the RNY. 

Because of the partial reversal, I was able to gain weight. Yay (sort of) and I was able to carry two healthy pregnancies.  And here I am today – with the realization that, while I thought RNY was the right option for weight loss, it almost took my life – a few times. You just can’t mess with the plumbing, you know?  You can’t mess with what God has created.  We should treat our bodies better . . and I am glad that I’ve found Ideal Weight Solutions.

My scale today – 161.6 – that’s just over 19 pounds gone! 😀

Week 5 Weigh-in = WOW!

Yea, I don’t know what to say.  I feel so good about myself and the path that I am on, and I know that the excitement I have is making this the easiest process ever. I am transforming my entire life . . right now. 

Losses for week 5 : 3 pounds and a whopping 4.25 inches!!
Total losses in 5 weeks : 17.2 pounds and 13 inches!!

We get from life what we put into it! Don’t you want to be happy?!

I’ve realized something this morning . . again

I will make it to my goal weight, regardless.  Sometimes I have to ease up on wanting everything right now and just let things unfold as they are supposed to. 

I need to practice patience with pretty much everything in my life – not just this diet. I’ve already revealed that I am an instant gratification type of person . . and that when I set my mind to something, it’s as good as done. 

WITH THAT BEING SAID . . I have been bouncing around inside 165 for 4 days now. Knowing that the weight loss happens in clumps, I am sure I’m going to see a change tomorrow and Friday. 

If you’re doing this program, and haven’t tried the Chocolate Soy Puffs . . they are almost too yummy!

Upcoming workshops have been scheduled:
Stowe Office: 5:30 pm, Monday, June 23rd
South Burlington Office: 5:30 pm, Monday, June 30th

I won’t be able to make this next South Burlington workshop because I am on the air until 7pm, but when I can make one, I will let you know, so you could be my guest! 😀

I’ve recently started adding a motivational quote to the Star 92.9 weekly newsletters. Today’s : “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  😉